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Katsuma (Elite)
As Captain of her personal Guard, Katsuma seems to hold a special favor of Fushiyoma. It is said that his blade was gifted to him by the Underworld Guardian and it bestows upon him special abilities. What these abilities are have been theorised on by scholars for a great deal of time. But few have survived an actual combat with the undead Warrior to give any definite evidence that this speculation is correct.
Class:Undead Level:200
Attack:4227 - 4363 Defense:1494 - 1672
Armor:1811 - 1891 Damage:5240 - 5300
HP:12851 - 13149 Gold:186 - 214
XP:882 - 958
Piercing Strike:40% - 50%
Breaker:45% - 50%
Disarm:45% - 50%
Dropped Items
Helm of Katsuma
Katana of Katsuma
Skull of Katsuma
Spawning Information
Sanctum of Khel:100%
Additional Notes

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