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Armored Hedera (Champion)
The Armored Hedera is a humanoid plant like creature composed of leafy vines. Hederas are known to take up the weapons and armor of past snacks which makes them even more of a powerful adversary to take on.
Class:Plant Level:97
Attack:635 - 655 Defense:560 - 600
Armor:400 - 440 Damage:600 - 625
HP:500 - 525 Gold:90 - 120
XP:289 - 299
Piercing Strike:25% - 35%
Critical Hit:40% - 45%
Dodge:30% - 35%
Dropped Items
Battle Shield of Korssak
Deklar Pike
Gloves of Faznark
Hedlar Cast Rune
Helm of Furnt
Royal Pearl Amulet
Yazmar Boots
Spawning Information
Eldora Plains (East):33%
Eldora Plains (South):33%
Eldora Plains (North):33%
Additional Notes

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