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Giant Spined Water Toad (Game)
The Giant Spined Water Toad is a strange adaptation of the standard toad. The spines are used to channel the highest concentration of the Toads potent poison. This seems to be an evolved defensive measure which appears to be successful as the toad no longer has any natural predators. It is only hunted by people now as its poison, eyes & spines are all very useful for various alchemical concoctions.
Class:Aquatic Level:331
Attack:1785 - 1967 Defense:950 - 1024
Armor:860 - 968 Damage:2797 - 2935
HP:6529 - 6761 Gold:289 - 311
XP:10 - 10
[no enhancements]
Dropped Items
Toad Corpse
Spawning Information
Korundor (South):17%
Korundor (West):17%
Korundor (East):17%
Dark Vale (North):17%
Dark Vale (South):17%
Dark Vale (East):15%
Additional Notes

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