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Warped Crystalline Growth (Game)
The Warped Crystalline Growth is a strange substance. It seems to (un)naturally occur in areas with high concentration of Demonic activity. The high levels of demonic energy seems to be coalescing into crystalline structures of pure demonic power. Strangely, it also proves to be safe to work with, allowing various magical and scientific practitioners to experiment with this normally hard to harness power.
Class:Magical Level:226
Attack:930 - 1000 Defense:508 - 620
Armor:389 - 549 Damage:2475 - 2615
HP:4271 - 4819 Gold:202 - 250
XP:10 - 10
[no enhancements]
Dropped Items
Shattered Crystal
Spawning Information
Falagi (North):17%
Falagi (South):17%
Falagi (East):17%
Faroth (North):17%
Faroth (East):17%
Faroth (West):15%
Additional Notes

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