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Savannah Othnielia (Game)
The Savannah Othnielia is a small sauroid, slightly bigger than a purebred Warhound. It is a peaceful herbivore which has two predators. The Raptors of the plains and the Alchemists and potion makers who prize the meat as well as rock hard skull and leg bones and use them in their brews and experiments.
Class:Reptile Level:100
Attack:845 - 899 Defense:187 - 325
Armor:207 - 273 Damage:596 - 714
HP:1877 - 2173 Gold:86 - 114
XP:10 - 10
[no enhancements]
Dropped Items
Othnielia Body
Spawning Information
Kijanamo Wild (North):17%
Kijanamo Wild (South):17%
Kijanamo Wild (West):17%
Oland Briar (East):17%
Oland Briar (North):17%
Oland Briar (South):15%
Additional Notes

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