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GooberNoob Bird (Game)
The GooberNoob Bird is one of those strange animals. It has a brain the size of a grain of sand, a flight style which is ungainly at best and is generally considered to be the most stupid creature around. It shouldn\'t survive yet it does so. And has the tastiest drumsticks in the world!
Class:Avian Level:37
Attack:214 - 356 Defense:28 - 126
Armor:2 - 200 Damage:239 - 363
HP:536 - 994 Gold:35 - 39
XP:10 - 10
[no enhancements]
Dropped Items
GooberNoob Corpse
Spawning Information
Forgotten Forest (East):17%
Celestial Forest (South):17%
Moot Forest North:17%
Altar Forest North:17%
Death Gorge West:17%
Utapo Flats North:15%
Additional Notes

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