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Dragon Lord Abraxas (Legendary)
Legends tell of the power of the Dragon Lords of old and how many fell to the dark powers during the battle of Gunzwall. Abraxas was one such Lord, seduced by the dark powers of the Shadow Lord and his forbidden sorcery. Lord Abraxas is now no longer human, a being of hate and darkness he and his Dragon, Sixthor, travel the world bringing a swift and fiery death to the champions of good in the name of his evil Master.
Class:Dragon Level:125
Attack:789 - 923 Defense:386 - 462
Armor:466 - 614 Damage:1929 - 2005
HP:3508 - 4072 Gold:139 - 201
XP:400 - 625
Piercing Strike:10% - 20%
Reinforced Armor:30% - 40%
Critical Hit:10% - 20%
Disarm:30% - 40%
Dropped Items
Abraxas Draconic Shield
Abraxas Flaming Sword
Abraxas Smoldering Helm
Spawning Information
Ethereal City:16%
Ethereal Graveyard:21%
Ethereal Frontier:17%
Ethereal Badlands:18%
Ethereal Plains:28%
Additional Notes

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