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The Dreadlord (Super Elite)
The Dreadlord is a necromantic being who\'s power over the Undead is so vast, it breaks the very laws of magic as many understand them. None know the origins of the Dreadlord but many legends tell of his past aggressions against the living. The Shadow Lord is an ally of the Dreadlord, for even the Shadow Lord knows not to try and subdue the Dreadlord to his will and that allegiance is better for both. The Dreadlord wishes to rule the world and shape it into his own personal view and overthrow the very gods themselves...
Class:Magical Level:1000
Attack:47941 - 48089 Defense:46124 - 46190
Armor:58161 - 58215 Damage:45649 - 45787
HP:197922 - 198238 Gold:213 - 387
XP:48152 - 51098
Piercing Strike:66% - 88%
Critical Hit:66% - 88%
Breaker:66% - 88%
Dodge:66% - 88%
Hypnotize:50% - 60%
Soulless:100% - 100%
Dropped Items
Arcane Steel Plate
Bane Mace
Dreadlords Skull
Frozen Soul Gem
Obsidian Steel Plate
Zuls Book of the Dead
Spawning Information
Mount Volmar (Chamber of Shadows):33%
Mount Volmar (Crucible of Shadows):33%
Mount Volmar (Vault of Shadows):33%
Additional Notes

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