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King Nimis the Blob (Legendary)
King Nimis was always was an unpopular leader, seen as a tyrant by many. As his greed for food grew his people begun to starve. The populace were unable to deal with the problem and desperately sought outside help. This help came in the form of a kind Witch who cursed the king and his gluttonous ways. The curse turned the King slowly into a monstrous fat creature known as the Blob that could never stop eating. The King was quickly overthrown and kicked out the kingdom. Blob now wanders the lands feeding on anything he comes across...
Class:Human Level:900
Attack:6193 - 6391 Defense:2106 - 2272
Armor:2293 - 2399 Damage:8946 - 9096
HP:19629 - 20071 Gold:218 - 382
XP:4000 - 4600
Reinforced Armor:30% - 40%
Critical Hit:30% - 40%
First Strike:60% - 70%
Dropped Items
The Fat Mans Dinner Plate
The Fat Mans Sandals
Spawning Information
Elriak Depths (Lower Chamber):21%
Savaged Forest of Tull (Thicket):20%
Inner Wall of Zekheld:19%
Farmane Shore (Cliff):20%
Pelgarir Valley (Clearing):20%
Additional Notes

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