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Daco Bandit
The Daco Bandits are the worst of scum to be found in the forest. Most are criminals and murderers from Karthak that have escaped the law and now dwell in the forests in small groups often lead by the most dangerous of their number.
Class:Human Level:1001
Attack:9755 - 9811 Defense:2762 - 2836
Armor:2640 - 2766 Damage:6959 - 7111
HP:22105 - 22539 Gold:294 - 306
XP:3398 - 3626
Critical Hit:10% - 25%
Breaker:10% - 25%
Dropped Items
Daco Bandits Gear
Helmet of Fuzrioe
Rune of Erfiha
Shield of Zerlka
Knife of Wihale
Spawning Information
Eltar Glade (North):88%
Eltar Glade (East):12%
Additional Notes

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