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Brownie Eagle Rider
The Galduir Brownies are friends to the birds of prey that live in the canopy of the forest. The most brave of the Brownies will ride these eagles to battle where they are fast and deadly opponents that are able to strike from the sky tearing at the vulnerable parts of their enemies.
Class:Avian Level:1010
Attack:7341 - 7471 Defense:2772 - 2874
Armor:3278 - 3390 Damage:8864 - 9046
HP:22217 - 22823 Gold:290 - 310
XP:3516 - 3570
Critical Hit:10% - 25%
Dodge:10% - 25%
Dropped Items
Boots of Terhga
Brownie Eagle Feathers
Ring of Helkaj
Rune of Myran
Shield of Whakje
Spawning Information
Galduir Grove (Ridge):87%
Galduir Grove (Depths):13%
Additional Notes

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