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The Boobrie is a flightless giant water bird who\'s roar strikes fear in all that hear it. The Boobrie has a ravenous hunger, generally feeding on otters and other animals found in this coastal swamp but will feed on people if it can. The Boobrie is feared by the locals on the island and rarely do they venture to the dreaded swamps.
Class:Avian Level:1011
Attack:8527 - 8621 Defense:2885 - 2977
Armor:3343 - 3393 Damage:7569 - 7765
HP:22364 - 22720 Gold:277 - 323
XP:3437 - 3657
Dodge:15% - 25%
Disarm:15% - 25%
Dropped Items
Boobrie Carcass
Spawning Information
Heilan Swamps:100%
Additional Notes

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