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Jack O Lantern
The Jack O Lanterns are Demons that are drawn out of their hiding places on Oidhche Shamhna. It is said that they fear death by beheading and are terrified by the lanterns people carve at this time of the year and display them in their homes. However should a Jack O Lantern catch someone outside their home they have the ability to steal their victims souls which they will take back to their hiding places and slowly devour over the coming year.
Class:Demon Level:800
Attack:611 - 703 Defense:151 - 331
Armor:168 - 312 Damage:1077 - 1141
HP:2097 - 2403 Gold:84 - 116
XP:449 - 501
Breaker:30% - 35%
Dodge:30% - 40%
Dropped Items
Jack o Lantern Head
Spawning Information
Hallowed Isle:100%
Additional Notes

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