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Shadowlords Minion (Champion)
The Shadowlords Minion is a mortal who has given himself, Body and Soul, to the Dark One. He has been tasked with the destruction of the Cathedral of Ways, as this is a central hub through which many powerful Warriors travel. It would allow his foes too easy a method of traveling to where ever his next assault may be and attempting to thwart his plans. The Minion has vowed to succeed where Burzzthak the Corrupter failed.
Class:Human Level:5
Attack:30 - 114 Defense:1 - 56
Armor:1 - 64 Damage:64 - 118
HP:1 - 450 Gold:4 - 6
XP:25 - 25
[no enhancements]
Dropped Items
Box of Matches
Spawning Information
Cathedral of Ways (Basement):100%
Additional Notes

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