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Skeletal Warrior (Elite)
The Skeletal Warrior of Snow Forest is a mysterious foe of from the tales of this area. Those foolish enough to seek him out will be faced by an unyielding foe who is more dangerous and colder than any winter storm. He carries a blade of Netherworld ice, so cold only the dead can wield it without succumbing to its deathly cold bite.
Class:Undead Level:4
Attack:9 - 12 Defense:9 - 10
Armor:9 - 9 Damage:7 - 9
HP:20 - 21 Gold:8 - 10
XP:20 - 28
[no enhancements]
Dropped Items
Diamond Stone
Frostbite Amulet
Frostbite Armor
Frostbite Shield
Spawning Information
Varas Dungeon:100%
Additional Notes

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