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Bheur Warrior
The Bheur are a caste of Warrior Fay that seek to prove themselves in battle against foes who would see themselves more mighty than them. At around three foot high these diminutive warriors are not to be taken lightly and they can easily best even the most powerful of foes with their razor sharp Faymore Swords.
Class:Magical Level:1023
Attack:4763 - 4959 Defense:2982 - 3092
Armor:2826 - 2980 Damage:11972 - 12036
HP:22634 - 22978 Gold:264 - 336
XP:3427 - 3751
[no enhancements]
Dropped Items
[no item drops]
Spawning Information
Stoatin Forest (Meadow):86%
Stoatin Forest (Grove):14%
Additional Notes

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