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Fire Dragnet
Fire Dragnets are the young of the Dragon Valitor. These small Dragons are not yet able to breath fire but they are deadly hunters and take any chance they can get to test out their hunting prowess on any they come across on the island.
Class:Dragon Level:1060
Attack:8963 - 9085 Defense:2513 - 2577
Armor:3308 - 3362 Damage:8664 - 8764
HP:23495 - 23745 Gold:262 - 338
XP:3604 - 3832
Reinforced Armor:40% - 45%
Dropped Items
Armor of Baale
Axe of Riiga
Spawning Information
Steinnheim Island (Mainland):90%
Steinnheim Island (Interior):10%
Additional Notes

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