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Valitor the Fire Dragon (Elite)
Valitor the Fire Dragon and his spawn have recently awoken from their slumber in their cave due to fresh volcanic eruptions on Steinnheim. Valitor is one of the most hated dragons in the region and he was thought dead by the peoples he terrorised before his slumber. Now he has woken and it is likely he will begin his reign of terror again soon...
Class:Dragon Level:1060
Attack:18636 - 18814 Defense:8995 - 9075
Armor:9292 - 9482 Damage:42296 - 42406
HP:79272 - 79728 Gold:300 - 300
XP:5952 - 6818
Piercing Strike:15% - 20%
Critical Hit:45% - 50%
Elite Hunter:20% - 25%
Sustain:20% - 25%
Dropped Items
Valitor Helmet
Valitor Pendant
Valitor Rune
Spawning Information
Steinnheim Island (Interior):100%
Additional Notes

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