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Mushcaria Beast
The Mushcaria Beast was the result of a magical experiment gone wrong and created many of these unnatural predatory beasts from the mushrooms used in the experiments potion.
Class:Plant Level:111
Attack:250 - 270 Defense:380 - 400
Armor:900 - 1000 Damage:200 - 250
HP:350 - 430 Gold:105 - 120
XP:220 - 233
Dodge:25% - 40%
Dropped Items
Amulet of Zalro
Boots of Vreen
Helmet of Upmar
Rune of Gollmas
Shield of Onma
Boots of Peltha
Ring of Fozmal
Spawning Information
Lenzwer Forest (South):44%
Lenzwer Forest (North):32%
Kentlor Caves (North):24%
Additional Notes

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