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Vampire Lord
The Vampire Lords are the ancient aristocracy of the night and leaders among vampire kind. These ancient and aloof vampires have turned their backs on the mortal world, hidden in forgotten castles and concerned only for their wealth and the fresh blood that their minions bring to them. They are known to hold lavish gore filled parties of death with the other lords. It a luxury only the upper class of the undead can enjoy...
Class:Undead Level:13
Attack:45 - 50 Defense:25 - 30
Armor:30 - 34 Damage:14 - 30
HP:24 - 30 Gold:10 - 16
XP:30 - 33
Critical Hit:5% - 5%
Dropped Items
Thick Hide Boots
Viridian Vine
Lordly Pain Cane
Spawning Information
Krul Small Cave:12%
Krul Beach Forest East:84%
Crypt of Valsar:4%
Additional Notes

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