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Wood Elf Maid
Wood Elf Maids seek to protect their lands from all trespassers. The Elf's themselves are magically linked to the land and plants around them and seek to keep them 'pure' from outsiders.
Class:Elf Level:113
Attack:520 - 550 Defense:500 - 530
Armor:380 - 400 Damage:500 - 540
HP:295 - 330 Gold:110 - 120
XP:227 - 238
Dodge:25% - 30%
Dropped Items
Armor of Draja
Helmet of Omata
Ring of Tezmak
Shield of Phlia
Spawning Information
Lenzwer Forest (West):30%
Lenzwer Forest (North):24%
Kentlor Caves (East):14%
Kentlor Caves (North):16%
Lenzwer Forest (Depths):11%
The Great Tree Canopy:5%
Additional Notes

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