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Night Branch (Super Elite)
Deep within ancient dark forests the evil tree spirit known as Night Branch Slept. This ancient entity's real name has long been lost in time but what has always been known is Night Branches hatred for others. The Spirit slept deeply for an age until it was recently roused by an unknowing loggers axe, none saw the logger again. Now roused, Night Branch once again poses a threat to the world...
Class:Plant Level:200
Attack:5907 - 6009 Defense:2874 - 3026
Armor:2668 - 2736 Damage:12405 - 12531
HP:23827 - 24333 Gold:187 - 213
XP:4796 - 5404
Reinforced Armor:75% - 80%
Critical Hit:90% - 95%
Hypnotize:70% - 75%
Dropped Items
Night Branches Bark Boots
Night Branches Bark Grasp
Night Branches Bark Helm
Spawning Information
Crombe Moors (East):20%
Narkort (North):20%
Khel (East):20%
Daradom (Peak):20%
Maedos (West):20%
Additional Notes

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