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Goldstrike (STF Legendary)
The greatest Opinicus to fly the skies is Goldstrike. He is the most ferocious of all his kind and is well known for his darting strikes from the clouds above. It is said he got his name from the last thing his victims ever see, a golden bolt of fur and feathers.
Class:Beast Level:100
Attack:537 - 591 Defense:170 - 288
Armor:270 - 388 Damage:1086 - 1166
HP:2046 - 2454 Gold:86 - 114
XP:458 - 492
[no enhancements]
Dropped Items
Feathered Hood of Goldstrike
Pick of Goldstrike
Spawning Information
Springtime Forest (Sunny Clearing):100%
Additional Notes

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