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Giant Wood Wasp
The Giant Wood Wasp attacks its prey with its stinger to paralyse them. When paralysed the Giant Wood Wasp then takes the victim back to its nest where it will let the victim be slowly eaten alive by its Grubs all while the victim is still conscious...
Class:Vermin Level:119
Attack:500 - 550 Defense:450 - 480
Armor:450 - 480 Damage:480 - 500
HP:420 - 460 Gold:115 - 125
XP:238 - 250
Master Thief:30% - 40%
Dropped Items
Amulet of Uazlore
Boots of Nemdro
Ring of Ulazo
Spawning Information
Gadrel Swamps (West):29%
Gadrel Swamps (East):11%
Gadrel Swamps (South):44%
Gadrel Swamps (North):16%
Additional Notes

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