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Tree Lurker
The Tree Lurker is a stealthy killer that jumps down from the heights of the trees onto its victim where it then tears them limb from limb in a flash, hardly allowing the poor victim a moment to realise what's happening!
Class:Beast Level:120
Attack:540 - 560 Defense:500 - 530
Armor:570 - 600 Damage:350 - 380
HP:375 - 400 Gold:115 - 128
XP:240 - 252
Thievery:25% - 35%
Disarm:25% - 30%
Dropped Items
Amulet of Gredmout
Armor of Lazur
Eiyra Shira Boots
Ring of Gadral
Shield of Xenlra
Spawning Information
Gadrel Swamps (North):12%
Gadrel Swamps (West):45%
Gadrel Swamps (East):42%
Additional Notes

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