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Dire Barrow Wraith (Elite)
The Dire Barrow Wraith has moved into Lorsil Fortresses Barrow as there is more magic in these grounds, allowing the vile Undead to grow in power. The way was left open due to the dissipation of the Honored Elvish Dead and they will need help banishing this abomination from their home.
Class:Undead Level:1122
Attack:23435 - 23589 Defense:21184 - 21262
Armor:37976 - 38162 Damage:6858 - 7050
HP:128947 - 129561 Gold:286 - 314
XP:6318 - 7196
[no enhancements]
Dropped Items
Dire Wraiths Amulet
Dire Wraiths Hood
Dire Wraiths Sandels
Spawning Information
Lorsil Fortress (Wraith Lair):100%
Additional Notes

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