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Living Totem of Orggok
Orggok is a minor Orc god of skull taking, the Living Totems of Orggok are giant stone statues adorned with the skulls of many Orc victims. The Totems are said to be enchanted by Orc magic's or even powers from the god himself and wander the Island protecting the Orcs from invaders.
Class:Golem Level:1133
Attack:7261 - 7387 Defense:8152 - 8212
Armor:4918 - 5018 Damage:8591 - 8707
HP:34775 - 35125 Gold:269 - 331
XP:3725 - 4223
Reinforced Armor:30% - 40%
Dropped Items
Ring of Jaghz
Rune of Zeeral
Spawning Information
Pagdush Island (Coast):88%
Pagdush Island (Jungle Edge):12%
Additional Notes

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