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Craven of Decay
This malignant spirit haunts the Elya Fortress. It hides in the lonely corners of the Fortress and drinks the essence of surrounding walls and floor to make the Craven more real in the Realms of the living. Thankfully it takes an immense amount of time and concentration for the spirit to effect the living world. But it is patient and loves to bring destruction and pain the the world it has forever lost.
Class:Undead Level:8
Attack:20 - 22 Defense:18 - 24
Armor:30 - 35 Damage:17 - 25
HP:14 - 20 Gold:8 - 8
XP:28 - 30
Critical Hit:1% - 5%
Nullify:1% - 5%
Dropped Items
Armor of Kalsor
Elya Guard Blade
Elya Guard Hilt
Rune of Crotep
Spawning Information
Fortress of Elya (Tower):100%
Additional Notes

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