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Vampire Apprentice
The Neophyte has taken the final step in the Blood Rite and sealed the curse within their soul. Now they walk the night feeding on the blood of the living. Their next step is to seek a Vampire to guide them in the lore of their Kindred.
Class:Undead Level:10
Attack:18 - 27 Defense:20 - 25
Armor:20 - 30 Damage:28 - 31
HP:20 - 21 Gold:9 - 11
XP:35 - 35
Piercing Strike:6% - 8%
Reinforced Armor:1% - 2%
Dropped Items
Mark of Karnas
Rune of Shoni
Shield of Zolthan
Spawning Information
[no spawn data]
Additional Notes

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