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Tolson Karnas (Champion)
This Elven Vampire oversees the Blood Rite and guides the Neophytes in the journey into undeath. When the Neophytes consume a bone of the Elya Guards, Karnas gives his blood, sealing the Vampire Curse, giving a temporary boost to the newly created Vampire Apprentices. The Mark of Karnas is a token that shows the Rite has been completed correctly.
Class:Undead Level:10
Attack:44 - 50 Defense:55 - 60
Armor:33 - 35 Damage:20 - 30
HP:33 - 40 Gold:9 - 11
XP:42 - 48
Piercing Strike:1% - 5%
Critical Hit:1% - 5%
Dropped Items
Boots of Vinlor
Spawning Information
[no spawn data]
Additional Notes

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