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Thangall Forest Twisted Pixie
The Thangall Forest has long since fallen to darkness, there is no longer anyone alive who has any memory of the former glory of the wood. The Thangall Pixies hide in the tall trees and lure anyone who enters the woods into deep secret groves where they are consumed in a grisly banquet.
Class:Magical Level:1182
Attack:5659 - 5849 Defense:9571 - 9717
Armor:4758 - 4898 Damage:10086 - 10158
HP:36319 - 36521 Gold:276 - 324
XP:3983 - 4307
Thievery:40% - 50%
Dodge:15% - 20%
Disarm:20% - 30%
Dropped Items
Pixie Paralysis Charm
Shield of Takkeon
Stave of Donnalek
Spawning Information
Thangall Forest (Glade):89%
Thangall Forest (Clearing):11%
Additional Notes

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