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Zendell Bone Mangrove
Zendell Bone Mangrove are trees that feed upon corpses. They are an Undead creature of sorts, using the bodies of their prey to snare further prey. There are rumours that they are actually one tree, spread throughout the Orchard of the Mire.
Class:Undead Level:1203
Attack:4672 - 4738 Defense:6654 - 6720
Armor:10203 - 10301 Damage:9140 - 9318
HP:36722 - 37378 Gold:282 - 318
XP:4136 - 4302
First Strike:20% - 40%
Dropped Items
Glass Jar
Holy Mans Bones
Mangrove Corpse
Spawning Information
Zendell Mire (Orchard):91%
Zendell Mire (Edge):9%
Additional Notes

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