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Gatto the Transmuted (Elite)
Shadow Necromancer Gatto was never fully destroyed. His spirit endured and sought reprieve for his failure at the foot of the Shadow Lords throne. He was denied this but was spared oblivion and he returned to the cursed lands of Atrum where he had hidden a resurrection ring and begun to regenerate his mortal form. Now stripped of his arcane gear he has resorted to using base necromancy to raise a legion of zombies around him in order to destroy those who caused his fall from grace...
Class:Undead Level:1210
Attack:36880 - 37016 Defense:13992 - 14044
Armor:10985 - 11089 Damage:34695 - 34895
HP:116044 - 116276 Gold:229 - 371
XP:7112 - 7458
Piercing Strike:15% - 25%
Reinforced Armor:80% - 100%
Critical Hit:15% - 25%
Dropped Items
Shadow Gatto Sandels
Shadow Gatto Signet
Spawning Information
Dyseki Town (Mayors Quarters):100%
Additional Notes

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