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Razox Bull (Champion)
Herds of Razox roam the tundra of the Ungla Mountains. Razox Bulls are huge creatures and are very protective of the herd. A charge from a Razox Bull is generally fatal as they crush their enemies with pure strength or cut them to shreds on their razor sharp horns.
Class:Beast Level:1215
Attack:9967 - 10089 Defense:4601 - 4777
Armor:4655 - 4715 Damage:21728 - 21790
HP:49209 - 49583 Gold:249 - 351
XP:5635 - 6491
Reinforced Armor:40% - 60%
Dropped Items
Razox Carcass
Razox Horn Helm
Razox Horn Morning Star
Spawning Information
Ungla Mountains (Grazing Lands):100%
Additional Notes

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