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Ugolum (Elite)
Ugolum is a particularly ugly and fat Ogre that guards Bane Pass. None get by Ugolum without being thrashed with his hound chains or bludgeoned to a pulp by his mace and becoming his dinner. Many have tried to sneak past him but have been brought low by his wolfounds. Those mauled victims are taken to Ugolums cave to be salted or pickled and eaten at a later date as snacks.
Class:Beast Level:1220
Attack:28283 - 28433 Defense:24253 - 24401
Armor:17561 - 17693 Damage:27226 - 27346
HP:116865 - 117375 Gold:280 - 320
XP:7313 - 7377
Reinforced Armor:50% - 70%
Critical Hit:60% - 80%
Dropped Items
Ugolums Chain Armor
Ugolums Heavy Stompers
Spawning Information
Bane Pass (Ogres Dwelling):100%
Additional Notes

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