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Mean Kidnapping Dwarves (Elite)
The Mean, Kidnapping Dwarves are a gang of thuggish layabouts. They work as little as they can and to such ends, they decided to kidnap the daughter of the nearby Queen and put her to work as their maid. They didn't expect her to be so rebelious and have locked her in a dwarven casket which has put her to sleep. They certainly aren't going to release her!
Class:Dwarf Level:550
Attack:8513 - 8587 Defense:6034 - 6156
Armor:14251 - 14337 Damage:6721 - 6897
HP:42672 - 43128 Gold:273 - 327
XP:3308 - 3342
Piercing Strike:20% - 40%
Reinforced Armor:40% - 60%
Critical Hit:20% - 30%
Breaker:20% - 30%
Dropped Items
Dwarven Glyph Keystone Piece
Dwarven Kicking Stompers
Dwarven Stabby Dagger
Recipe of Dwarven Glyph Keystone
Spawning Information
Dark Dwarf Mine:100%
Additional Notes

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