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Vengeful Witch (Elite)
The Vengeful Witch is the creature that put the curse on the Prince that turned him into a beast. She found out about this and flew into a rage! Who dares interfere with her schemes?!? Since she could not find you, she settled for the one who got you involved. The kind hearted girl. The Princes new betrothed. She shall pay for this transgression!
Class:Magical Level:850
Attack:12896 - 12960 Defense:17223 - 17373
Armor:10572 - 10688 Damage:16915 - 16971
HP:57639 - 57961 Gold:212 - 388
XP:4976 - 5274
Reinforced Armor:20% - 40%
Critical Hit:40% - 60%
Nullify:20% - 30%
First Strike:10% - 20%
Dropped Items
Wicked Raven Amulet
Wicked Raven Circlet
Spawning Information
The Overgrown Castle:100%
Additional Notes

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