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Spitting Lizard (Champion)
Spitting Lizards dwell in the sand dunes. These reptiles are quite weak and find it hard bringing down prey in the vast open areas of the desert so they have evolved the ability to spit out jets of venom at their prey that burns and weakens the victim, making them easy prey. Even if they did not make the kill the largest spitting lizards always get to eat first by bullying others.
Class:Reptile Level:1237
Attack:5325 - 5481 Defense:335 - 505
Armor:27688 - 27848 Damage:8342 - 8512
HP:50207 - 50643 Gold:238 - 362
XP:11410 - 11524
Critical Hit:70% - 80%
Breaker:20% - 40%
Dodge:70% - 80%
Dropped Items
Armor of Tallon
Shield of Tallon
Spawning Information
Zazir Flats (Outskirts):100%
Additional Notes

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