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Silver Elgron
Drawn to the bay by the buzz of magic in the air, the Silver Elgron are stick thin Dragon like creatures able to move at extremely fast speed when needed. Running from a hunting Silver Elgron is foolish as they an easily catch anything they want in a second. Once caught it is game over as they tear their prey to shreds.
Class:Dragon Level:1277
Attack:6142 - 6244 Defense:10150 - 10350
Armor:10346 - 10472 Damage:5810 - 5932
HP:39146 - 39394 Gold:257 - 343
XP:6103 - 6119
Piercing Strike:10% - 22%
Reinforced Armor:11% - 34%
Critical Hit:21% - 44%
Dropped Items
Gentarions Shield
Saarnons Medalion
Spawning Information
Masetas Isle (Snarl):100%
Additional Notes

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