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Undead Pirate
Recently there was a huge and devastating sea battle of the coast of Reigma. There were no winners of the battle and both fleets sunk. Many magical weapons were used and the result was that many drowned crew were reanimated. Some of them make it to shore and attack the living...
Class:Undead Level:135
Attack:890 - 900 Defense:330 - 360
Armor:460 - 490 Damage:500 - 510
HP:530 - 550 Gold:130 - 140
XP:270 - 280
Reinforced Armor:25% - 30%
Nullify:20% - 25%
Dropped Items
Amulet of Sareleq
Blade of Oxap
Boots of Haedal
Gloves of Tazmoa
Helmet of Zannifor
Ring of Fial
Spawning Information
Reigma Beach (South):60%
Reigma Beach (North):40%
Additional Notes

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