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White Lightning Knight
The very best of the Order of White Lightning are their chivalrous Knights. These knights live by the sword and only the finest warriors may ever join their ranks. They wear splendid plate adorned with the symbols of their order and ride to battle upon barded steeds. It is said that to receive a charge from these knights in war is to be hit by a lightning bolt of steel.
Class:Mounted Level:1312
Attack:4287 - 4403 Defense:310 - 362
Armor:21519 - 21715 Damage:7225 - 7375
HP:40103 - 40537 Gold:256 - 344
XP:6182 - 6720
Piercing Strike:16% - 22%
Reinforced Armor:22% - 30%
Critical Hit:32% - 48%
Dropped Items
Lightning Regimental Seal
Lightning Regimental Tally
Spawning Information
Taruson Wood (Snarl):100%
Additional Notes

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