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Snorg Wrecker (Champion)
The Snorgs are beastmen from far away mountains that have banded together in whats known as a Snorgherd to take the city of Grokhiem. The job of the Snorg Wreckers within the herd is to terrify the citizens into submission with violence and acts of property destruction. The leaders of these groups of Snorgs wield large stone Maces to further their efforts in destruction.
Class:Beast Level:1313
Attack:11031 - 11197 Defense:10275 - 10411
Armor:10895 - 11055 Damage:12019 - 12171
HP:53314 - 53556 Gold:297 - 303
XP:12656 - 13184
Piercing Strike:50% - 80%
Reinforced Armor:34% - 40%
Critical Hit:66% - 80%
Dropped Items
Beast Wrecker Cracked Skull
Beast Wrecker Mace
Broken Stone Macehead
Spawning Information
Grogkhiem (Southern District):100%
Additional Notes

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