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Mountain Geryon
Mountain Geryon live in the area, these three headed giants are well known man eaters but also well known for their constant squabbling and bickering between the heads about which one gets to eat what or about what they are going to do that day or whos scratching who. If the Geryon weren't so dangerous they would serve well as a very large court jester!
Class:Beast Level:1329
Attack:6035 - 6111 Defense:10398 - 10476
Armor:10445 - 10567 Damage:6932 - 7082
HP:40626 - 41034 Gold:272 - 328
XP:6563 - 6675
Piercing Strike:12% - 33%
Critical Hit:15% - 23%
Breaker:18% - 21%
Nullify:15% - 23%
Dropped Items
Breastplate of Nadion
Geryon Left Head
Geryon Middle Head
Geryon Right Head
Geryon Skull
Medallion of Mendarion
Spawning Information
Pelopon Hills (Broken Land):100%
Additional Notes

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