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Athornt (Champion)
The albino Athornts are large crayfish like crustaceans that live in this large underground lake. These creatures are blind and rely on their sensitive feelers to catch prey, which is usually anything not fast enough to escape its claws. Although it is rare, some Athornts grow old and their natural armor becomes thick and covered in horns and spikes. This makes an aged Athornt a hard enemy to crack.
Class:Aquatic Level:1337
Attack:5599 - 5797 Defense:415 - 491
Armor:30471 - 30577 Damage:8589 - 8699
HP:54268 - 54502 Gold:250 - 350
XP:12518 - 14276
Piercing Strike:30% - 50%
Reinforced Armor:40% - 50%
Critical Hit:45% - 60%
Breaker:30% - 40%
Dropped Items
Skremon Armor
Skremon Helmet
Spawning Information
Ozanak Caves (Stillwater Depths):100%
Additional Notes

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