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Poison Bead Fungus
Poison Bead Fungus thrives in the caves. looking like a bunch of yellow and red grapes among scattered bones one could be fooled into eating it. Such a thing would be foolish for one bite will kill a man instantly. This is what the fungus want and uses a mind controlling aroma to force someone to devour it, so that its spore can grow within the victim until it blossoms into its beads and the cycle repeats.
Class:Plant Level:1335
Attack:4575 - 4739 Defense:23490 - 23568
Armor:298 - 384 Damage:5612 - 5680
HP:40905 - 41115 Gold:292 - 308
XP:6571 - 6787
Piercing Strike:17% - 30%
Critical Hit:11% - 20%
Dodge:46% - 50%
Dropped Items
Benathons Boots
Fernodias Helm
Ozanak Bone Pile
Ozanak Cave Stone
Ozanak Red Bead
Ozanak Yellow Bead
Spawning Information
Ozanak Caves (Bonehalls):100%
Additional Notes

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