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Snow Caller (Champion)
Strange beings of blue live in the very ice itself. Some local legends describe them as the magical embodiment and living will of the ice or even the mountain itself. Whatever the truth these beings have power over the very snow and ice itself. The most powerful of the Snow Callers can call upon lumps of ice and rock to hurl at foes or even blizzards of razor sharp icicles that shred and freeze.
Class:Magical Level:1342
Attack:6287 - 6451 Defense:385 - 523
Armor:30983 - 31089 Damage:7598 - 7652
HP:54477 - 54689 Gold:263 - 337
XP:13417 - 13579
Piercing Strike:55% - 65%
Reinforced Armor:60% - 80%
Critical Hit:30% - 35%
Nullify:12% - 20%
Dropped Items
Ruthar Gloves
Ruthar Helmet
Spawning Information
Myral Peak (Frozen Slope):100%
Additional Notes

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