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Blooders are the appointed guards of the Mage tower. These mad Ice Elves make great killers of warm bloods but are to unstable and unpredictable to be housed among the general population. Only the Magical enchantments of the Mages can cool their fury in times when they are not needed for battle. Woe betide any enemies of the Elves who face one of these in combat.
Class:Elf Level:1357
Attack:4502 - 4672 Defense:22708 - 22848
Armor:311 - 383 Damage:6936 - 7086
HP:41471 - 41869 Gold:266 - 334
XP:6545 - 7257
Piercing Strike:18% - 25%
Critical Hit:25% - 30%
Dodge:43% - 45%
Dropped Items
Jenkers Boots
Uthabons Armor
Spawning Information
Jordo Mage Tower (Twisted Corridors):100%
Additional Notes

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