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The Experiment (Legendary)
The Experiment is a horribly mutated creature said to have been created in an experiment that went wrong. It appears to have been a man fused with an insect or perhaps even an insect fused to a man or maybe it was something else and was turned into a man insect hybrid somehow? The truth was lost in the smoking crater that use to be the lab it was created in.
Class:Vermin Level:430
Attack:4424 - 4550 Defense:238 - 302
Armor:16 - 174 Damage:4631 - 4681
HP:9199 - 9821 Gold:247 - 353
XP:1822 - 2098
Piercing Strike:20% - 46%
Reinforced Armor:20% - 46%
Critical Hit:20% - 46%
Breaker:20% - 46%
First Strike:40% - 52%
Dropped Items
Recipe of Compound Eye Ring
Recipe of Compound Eye Rune
The Experiments Twitching Husk
Spawning Information
[no spawn data]
Additional Notes

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