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Jumbo the Clown (Legendary)
Jumbo the Clown once an entertained children of all ages. Now all run from him. Jumbo sold his soul for fortune and fame, but instead was cursed. He was transformed into a child eating demonic version of himself. Often hiding in children's closets or under their beds waiting till the time is right to strike. The last thing anyone hears when jumbo begins to feed is his high pitched laughter... and the honk of his nose.
Class:Demon Level:675
Attack:1761 - 1907 Defense:88 - 210
Armor:9673 - 9805 Damage:3129 - 3223
HP:14572 - 15228 Gold:273 - 327
XP:3968 - 4192
Piercing Strike:22% - 44%
Reinforced Armor:22% - 44%
Critical Hit:22% - 44%
Breaker:22% - 44%
First Strike:22% - 44%
Dropped Items
Jumbo Toy Box
Recipe of Jumbos Leotard
Recipe of Jumbos Shield
Spawning Information
Heitwar Bastion (Great Hall):36%
Ravaged Forest (Clearing):24%
Eltwier Fortress (Entrance):23%
Eltwier Fortress (Great Hall):17%
Additional Notes

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