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Empusa (Super Elite)
Empusa lurks around long stretches of road with tiring travelers. She follows her victims disguised as innocent creatures, waiting for her prey to settle for the night. She reveals her true identity only to those that she chooses to devour. Her only weakness is her heart, which is only exposed briefly when she is absorbing the essence from her dinner.
Class:Demon Level:125
Attack:1645 - 1747 Defense:10072 - 10128
Armor:70 - 230 Damage:3102 - 3160
HP:14892 - 15268 Gold:99 - 151
XP:2989 - 3461
Piercing Strike:20% - 40%
Reinforced Armor:20% - 40%
Critical Hit:20% - 40%
Dropped Items
Empusa Heart
Recipe of Empusa Heart Blood Gloves
Recipe of Empusa Heart Blood Helm
Spawning Information
Jahd Swamps (North):20%
Pennalor Swamps (West):20%
Paladir Forest West:20%
Motaur Forests West:20%
Krul Beach Forest East:20%
Additional Notes

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